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iPhone, Android, TomTom & Garmin.

Route-LED is a driving test route supplier for a wide range of devices including, Garmin Sat Nav, iPhone, Android and TomTom for cars, motorcycles, LGV and taxis. To improve our service delivery and ensure that our local test routes are up to date, we work close with local learning drivers and instructors based in Essex. We intend on adding Satnav and Independent driving routes to our products soon.

Cost of lessons, high insurance premiums, practical and theory lessons, can be quite pricey! At affordable rates we offer you driving test routes that you can use to improve your driving skills, while reducing the cost of driving lessons. Download Goodmayes (London) Driving Test Routes 2020 today!

Route-Led is the number one supplier of Goodmayes driving test routes in the UK

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To ensure our test routes are up to date, we work side by side with local driving instructors and learner drivers. We are also always open to feedbacks from our clients with respect to any product that we offer.

Goodmayes sat nav driving test routes

TomTom Sat Nav driving test 2020

From December 4 2017, UK driving test routes will include the following SatNav directions. As the number one supplier of Sat Nav test routes in the UK, we supply numerous routes for Garmin and Tomtom devices. For those who want to purchase Sat Nav devices,we highly recommend the Tomtom Start 52, mainly because it is the number one pick for the St. Helen's driving test examiners.

iphone test routes and maps

iPhone Sat Nav - Driving test routes

Route-LED has made practising test routes much easier, using an iPhone device by availing the iPhone test routes. All you have to do is to download our iphone format file, and then use a recommended application to access the test routes. Follow the step by step guide. Your iPhone device will navigate you through St. Helen’s test center, all around the test route and finally back to the test center. While using our test routes, you will be navigated safely with the voice guided directions to Goodmayes test centre.

android driving test routes image

Android Sat Nav - Driving test routes

By downloading our recommended android application, you will be able to easily use our test routes. Download the recommended applications and instantly begin testing your driving skills today. Our turn by turn directions will allow you to concentrate on improving your driving skills, while getting to experience the test conditions.

Practice Goodmayes driving test routes

As a service oriented company, we supply our clients with additional support for our driving test routes. Using our test routes allows the users to experience the junctions, corners and roads that they will encounter during their driving tests.

To assist the learner in learning how to drive safely and to also pass the driving test, we highly recommend an experienced driving instructor. How it works

Check out our short video to see how we can help!

For more free information on how you can practicing your driving test please visit.Driving Test Practice

What is the Independent driving test?

Driving test lessonsWhen you ask for the directions for the second time, the examiner will repeat then for you.

When you go off the independent driving route, it is not going to have any impact on your test results, unless you commit a traffic offence or driving fault. If you make a wrong turn or take a wrong route, the examiner will assist you in getting back to the route.

In case of obscure or poor traffic signs, the examiner will direct the examinee, until they arrive at the next visible traffic sign. The examinee does not need to have a detailed knowledge of the area.

One cannot use SatNav for independent driving, mainly because it gives one turn by turn prompts. The independent driving will test the ability of the examinee to make independent decisions.

What is the Sat Nav driving test?

Goodmayes driving test sat nav routes While undertaking the independent driving test, the examiner will request the student to take directions from the Sat Nav. The examiner will provide a configured Tomtom Start 52 device. All you will have to do is to take instructions from the device. The make or model of the Sat Nav that you will use during your practise sessions will not matter at all. As a leading company, we supply test routes for Garmin, Tomtom, Android and iPhone devices.

You can't use your own sat nav device during the test.

For more information you can find recent (2020) changes to the driving test here.

Goodmayes Driving Test Centre Details

The test centre is located at 1 Navigation Road, off Pocket Nook Street, Goodmayes. Ramp access to Goodmayes Driving Test Centre for wheelchair users. Male, female and disabled toilets available. Car parking facilities available.. It can be a busy area so expect to be driving on dual carriage ways and busy roads. Small town roads, roundabouts and one-way streets are likely to be used during your test. Using test routes whilst learning to drive can be very helpful, allowing you to practise on roads that you'll actually be driving during your test.

Centre address:
98 Goodmayes Road, Ilford, Essex, IG3 9UZ

Approx test waiting time:
5 weeks

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Note: Not all test centres have a car park so plan your parking before your test.

Available Test Routes to Download

We can provide all test routes throughout UK to help you pass... here are the routes from this test centre:

  • Goodmayes Driving Test Routes 1-10 (2020)
  • Goodmayes Driving Test Routes 6-10
  • Goodmayes Driving Test Routes 11-15
  • Goodmayes Driving Test Routes 16-20
  • Goodmayes Driving Test Routes 21-23
  • Goodmayes Extended Driving Test Routes 1
  • Goodmayes MPTC Taxi Routes 1-2
  • Goodmayes MPTC ADI Routes 6-9

Pass Rates

Year Gender Pass Rate
2017/2018 Combined 38.6%
2017/2018 Female 34.0%
2017/2018 Male 43.8%

Goodmayes Car Driving Test Route sample

Car Test Route Number 3:

Location Direction
DTC Right
Kildowan Rd EOR left
Goodmayes Rd T/L left
High Rd Roundabout ahead 2nd exit
Cameron Rd / Benton Rd EOR right
Ley St / Horns Rd 4th left
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