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Examiners tend to use the most difficult route and traffic system, which are within your local area. Most of these routes can prove to be a challenge to experienced drivers as well as learner drivers. Route LED has been developing test routes for several years now for examiners and driving students as well. By downloading our test routes, you will get the knowledge of driving in the most difficult and challenging areas.

Supported Devices

Download driving test routes into your preferred device from our website. Our routes support a wide range of devices including iPhone, Android and Tomtom and thus you can easily navigate through the test route used by local Enfield examiners.

Enfield satnav driving test routes

TomTom & Garmin Sat Nav Devices

Our pre programmed routes for your Tomtom Sat Nav device will guide the learner from the local test center and then through the test route. The Tomtom test route are used by local Enfield examiners during driving tests. Considering examiners know these local routes more than anyone else, they aid us in developing these test routes.

driving test routes for iphone


Access your local Enfield test centre routes on your iPhone device and get familiar with the route that you will use during your driving test, to access Enfield test route from your iPhone device you must download a supported application.

driving test routes android


Enfield test route for android devices can be downloaded on our website. The preprogrammed route will guide you accordingly during your practise sessions.

Enfield Test Routes Support

At Route-Led we supply additional support with our driving test routes. Using our routes will allow you to experience conditions, roads and junctions that you'll encounter on your driving test.

We always recommend using a qualified driving instructor in addition to help you learn to drive safely and help pass your test. How it works

Check out our short video to see how we can help!

The Independent Driving Test

independent driving routesThe independent driving test allows the examiner to test the student's ability to drive independently. While undertaking the independent driving test, the student is expected to use road signs and road markings without any form of assistance. In December 2017, the independent driving test was increased from ten minutes to twenty minutes, which is almost half of the entire duration of the entire driving test.

Previously, the examiner expected the student to follow instructions from a map. However, after the independent driving test was revised, the student is expected to follow road signs, during the test. The independent driving routes, where the student is expected to follow road signs will include clearly visible road signs.

If any of the road signs will not be visibly clear, then the examiner will update the test route accordingly. If you are uncertain about the test route or where you are expected to go, then you should request the examiner to repeat the instructions.

You can't use a SatNav for independent driving as it gives you turn-by-turn prompts. Independent driving tests how you make your own decisions.

Sat Nav Test (Following directions from a sat nav)

Enfield satnav driving test routes downloadFor every five driving tests conducted, four are going to involve the use of a Sat Nav. Students should not worry about bringing their Sat Nav devices with them during the test or alternatively operating the in-built sat nav device. The examiner will provide a configured Sat Nav device that the student will take instructions from. The TomTom Start 52 is going to be mounted on the flat dashmat. Because the Tomtom comes with an in-built battery, the examiner is not going to plug the device into the student's vehicle. The student is not expected to operate the device. Moreover, the student will not be given the option of using their own Sat Nav device

You can't use your own sat nav device during the test.

For more information you can find recent (2020) changes to the driving test here.

Enfield Driving Test Centre

The test centre is located at Bell Lane, Dennison Road. The test centre is easily accessible within 5 minutes of the A38 and A30 dual carriageways. It can be a busy area so expect to be driving on dual carriage ways and busy roads. Small town roads, roundabouts and one-way streets are likely to be used during your test. Using test routes whilst learning to drive can be very helpful, allowing you to practise on roads that you'll actually be driving during your test.

Centre address:
Enfield MPTC Test Centre, Solar Way, Innova Park Business Centre, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 7XY

Approx test waiting time:
5 weeks

Find other local test centres:

Note: Test centres do not always have a car park so plan your parking before your test.

Test Route List

We can provide all test routes throughout Cornwall to help you pass... here are the routes from this test centre:

  • Enfield MPTC Car Routes 1-20
  • Enfield MPTC ADI Routes 1-5
  • Enfield MPTC Motorcycle Routes 31-40
  • Enfield MPTC Extended Car Routes 21-22,28-30
  • Enfield MPTC Taxi ROutes 41-42

Pass Rates

Year Gender Pass Rate
2017/2020 Combined 36.0%
2017/2020 Female 32.4%
2017/2020 Male 40.1%

Sample Enfield Car Driving Test Route

Car Test Route Number 11:

Location Direction
DTC EOR left
Mollison Ave 2 x roundabout ahead, roundabout left
Lea Valley Rd 2nd T/L right
Maida Ave EOR left, EOR right, left
College Gardens 2nd right
Nevin Drive EOR right
Download the complete test here